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Dr. Freeman was born and raised for part of his childhood in Harlem, New York City, but relocated to Laurelton, Queens where he spent the rest of his formative years. Ever since he was five years old he wanted to become not only a physician, but a pediatrician. He was always interested in medicine and did well in math and science. Dr. Freeman graduated from one of the most prestigious high schools, not only the state of New York, but in the United States, Brooklyn Technical High School. He graduated from New York University and graduated from UNDNJ-Rutgers Medical School and did his pediatric residency training there, as well. He has always sympathized with the most vulnerable amongst us, that is, the children. Dr. Freeman’s goal is to make sure they get the best pediatric care possible. It’s a lifelong responsibility that he fully enjoys yet takes very seriously. 

Dr. Freeman has desired to be a pediatrician since the age of 5. One year during the Christmas season, Dr. Freeman’s father asked him a question he had never been asked before, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” He looked away confused until his father pulled him close and whispered in his ear, “doctor or lawyer?” Dr. Freeman yelled, “DOCTOR!” His father cheered, and then asked, “What kind of doctor?” Reflexively, he answered, “A baby doctor—one that takes care of kids!” Every year, his father would ask him that same question until it stuck.

Dr. Freeman’s motivation stems from his fundamental love for both children and pediatric medicine. His daily goals include educating his patients and their families about pediatric health, and inspiring as many children and adolescents as he possibly can to become interested in pursuing a career in medicine.”